Rachel Bok
Department of GeographyUniversity of British Columbia

2016   —   : PhD, Geography, University of British Columbia
2013-2015: M SocSci, Geography, National University of Singapore
2009-2013: B SocSci (Hons), Geography (and English Literature), National University of Singapore

I am an urban and economic geographer who approaches cities and their global connections, broadly conceived, through registers of political economy. I am also the Student Representative for both the AAG Urban Geography Specialty Group (2018 – ) and the AAG Asian Geography Specialty Group (2018 – ). Like most people who are both fascinated and troubled by what is happening to cities globally, I spend time exploring urban environments, on foot and across imaginative geographies.

I use this website mainly as a digital repository both to catalog media I find interesting, and to store photographs of the pleasures and whimsies of urban landscapes I encounter while walking through cities.

One thought on “about

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Accidentally, found your site researching ‘territoreality’ and enjoying the articles you’ve assembled. I also used the term “territoreality’ in my PhD dissertation and thought you might be interested. The original version in available online in PDF — and you can search the term from within — at http://www.egs.edu/media/research-database/tracy-ann-essoglou/

    I would be interested in following your work and keeping in touch.
    Let me know,

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