Articles, book chapters, others

Bok R (in revision) ‘By our metaphors you shall know us’: the ‘fix’ of geographical political economy. Progress in Human Geography.

Bok R (forthcoming) Entry on ‘urban mobile policy’, in AM Orum (ed.) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies. Wiley-Blackwell. [pdf]

Bok R and Coe NM (in press) The urban politics of strategic coupling in global production networks, in AEG Jonas, B Miller, K Ward, and D Wilson (eds.) The Routledge Handbook on Spaces of Urban Politics. Routledge. [pdf]

Bok R and Coe NM (2017) Geographies of policy knowledge: the state and corporate dimensions of contemporary policy mobilities. Cities 63: 51-57. [pdf]

Bok R (2015) Airports on the move? The policy mobilities of Singapore Changi Airport at home and abroad. Urban Studies 52(14): 2724-2740. [pdf]

Coe NM and Bok R (2014) Retail transitions in Southeast Asia. The International Journal of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 24(5): 479-499. [pdf]

Conference presentations and lectures

Bok R (2017) The many lives of policy ‘failure’: periodizing the policy regime of Sino-Singapore urban megaprojects. Presented at the AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. 5-9 April.

Bok R (2016) Eco-cities in the making: urban policy models and the geopolitics of state expertise. Panelist at ‘Memes, schemes and dreams: Singapore urban futures’ (organized by Nanyang Technological University), Singapore. 10-11 June.

Bok R (2015) The geopolitics of being global: the ‘Singapore model’ on the world stage. Invited lecture. National Institute of Education, Singapore. 3 September.

Bok R and Coe NM (2015) Understanding policy mobilizations through the commodification of ‘policy’. Presented at the AAG Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. 21-25 April.

Bok R (2014) The geo-eco-politics in/of mobile policies of ‘sustainable urbanism’. Presented at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, UK. 26-29 August.

Conference and workshop organization

2017 Co-organizer (with Nina Ebner, Mikael Omstedt, and Jamie Peck): ‘Doing urban studies differently.’ University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC. 3 April.

2014 Co-organizer (with Jingfu Chen): Geography Graduate Workshop. National University of Singapore, Singapore. 15 April.


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