What #Manchester could learn from Cape Town on #climate action (but won’t)

manchester climate monthly

MCFly reader Jon Silver on what Manchester – its people and government – could learn from “the South.” But given the wilfully blindness and deafness of the Council’s elected members and bureaucrats, don’t hold your breath…

Learning from Cape Town’s climate change actions

Cape Town is not a city without it’s own problems but the work on climate change over the last decade by the municipality and a growing network of university, NGO, business and civil society partners has helped it to at least begin to create a co-ordinated response to these issues. Whilst Manchester is keen on claiming to be the best city EVER it is clear that the Council could learn a lot from this African city in terms of creating momentum, knowledge and partnership in addressing climate change issues. In what follows I set out some of the things I’ve learned over the last few years in…

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